Electrospinning Nanospider NS 500 (Elmarco)

Nozzle-less electrospinning device – Nanospider NS500 (Elmarco) and Needle jet electrospinning deviceElectrospinning is a spinning technique with a unique approach using electrostatic forces to produce fine fibres from polymer solutions or melts. Fibres produced by electrospinning have a thinner diameter (from nanometer to micrometer) and a large surface area than those obtained from conventional spinning processes. The technique allows addition of different nanoparticles (metal, ceramic, nanocapsules) or other additives (active substances, drugs, perfumes, proteins…) into the spinning solution. The solution is fed to the machine with the help of spinning electrodes (nozzle-less) or an injection (needle jet). Electrospinning process is conducted at room temperature with atmospheric conditions.