AFM Agilent 5500

Atomic Force Microscopy is able to give insights into structural changes on the surface. While such investigations usually are done in dry media, our equipment enables also an investigation of the samples in humid and wet conditions. This can be used to monitor the swelling behavior of polysaccharide samples e.g. cellulose films and fibers. The apparatus is placed in a box with a thermostat and therefore these investigations can be performed in a wide temperature range. This offers the possibility to study the influence of drying and wetting/drying processes (hornification) in real time under ambient atmosphere. For special applications (e.g. for printed circuits on paper) force measurements between the cellulose samples and the coated AFM tip can be a valuable information for the manufacturing and design of these papers. For flat surfaces layer thicknesses can be determined by scratching the surface. Suitable samples: fibers, pulps, films, model surfaces in dry, swollen and wet state.